Cove Creek Pearson Fire Department



Cove Creek Pearson Fire District covers a fairly large area which includes part of the lake. We have approximately 1600 memberships that we send out each year and it seems the number is increasing some each time. We receive the list of property owners in our district from the Cleburne County Tax Assessor's office around the first of year and from that we create our mailing list. Each property is assigned an account number and that number will remain with the property regardless of owner.


Once you receive the statement from the Department, please check and make sure all information is correct. If your mailing address is incorrect please check with the Assessor's Office to make sure they have it correctly in their records. Please fill out the statement form and return the entire form to the Department. If you would like a receipt we will provide one if you include a self-addresses stamped envelope. Please make sure your account number is on your check and you mail back the entire form.

Memberships are essential to the continued functioning of this department. Without your dues being paid, our annual operating money is non-existent.

Membership payments are due in June of each year. We usually mail out a statement toward the end of May. After July 1 we charge a $15.00 late fee on top of the $60.00 annual membership.



Mark this time of year on your calendar so even if you don't receive a statement in the mail you can get your information and payment into the fire department.


If you have a fire and/or other type of call and you are not a paid member you can and will be billed up to $5000.00. There are a lot of other legal liabilities you could face as well so pay your membership and protect your assets and also show your support for your local fire department.

If you did not receive a notice you may mail a check to:

Cove Creek Pearson Fire Department

PO Box 275

Quitman AR 72131